iSport part of Human Library session at the European Sport Platform 2023

The start of the  European Sport Platform was market with three great sessions: Human Library – where more than 15 people came to share their experiences and expertise with the participants in relation to the EQUIP topics: gender equality, LGBTQI+, disability, socio-economic status and racial/ethnic discrimination; Call to action - time to act! People shared their needs and challenges to improve equality in sports in their reality and Walk of Privilege - with this role play, participants experienced various discrimination and were able to reflect on their impacts. 

EUSA Communications officer, Ms Hristina Hristova was part of the Human Library sessions, as one of the experts, sharing her personal experience on the topic of inclusion and equal opportunities for all, as well as sharing the journey and outcomes of the Inclusion in Sport (iSport) project.

Through different conversations with people, Ms Hristova was among other things, sharing the benefits, outcomes and details about the developed game, through the iSport project, as well as the examples and best practices that will be incorporated in the MOOC. 

Participation in the Human Library session, provided a more direct and personal interchanging of information and promotion of the Inclusion of Sport project, as well as sharing the goals and reached points, as one of the main pilars and outcomes of the project.